Modular Buildings

The increasing pressures of efficiency, labour shortages and environmental impact are asking for a change in the construction industry. Unique Success Corporation has developed housing, hotels and hospital concepts that last a life time but can be developed and delivered in the shortest time possible.

What is modular construction?

Modular construction is a process in which building components are built off- site in a factory. These complete modules are then assembled on location into one building and equipped with electricity, piping and everything else that comes with that particular structure. The modules can be stacked, side-by-side or end-to-end to create a number of permutations and designs.

Our modular building system is suitable for housing, hotels and hospitals.

Benefits of building modular

Lower construction costs

Fast & flexible

High & Durable quality

Better quality control

Optimally planned logistics

Minimal inconvenience on location

Smaller carbon footprint

Demountable structures


Modular houses are the perfect solution for clients (governments and investors) that have a growing demand and a lack of developing and execution power. Our industrial, modular, demountable building system is perfectly suitable for the development of apartments, student homes and villas. We build the houses ready for use in factories in the country near the project site. The houses are assembled turn key ready for use in the factory. All works (architectural, mechanical, electronical, IT, fa├žade, interior and finishes) have been done. The fully operational houses will be transported to the site and mounted within days after finishing the house in the factory.


As USC we believe that modular hotels are the future! Because hotel rooms are often the same, a hotel lends itself very well to modular construction. With our industrial, modular, demountable building system we can create entire hotels in only 6-8 weeks. We offer different luxury levels ranging from gold to bronze.


In addition to houses and hotels, our modular building system can also be used for hospitals. The different hospital rooms are built in our factories and transported to site where they are mounted together. Using our modular building system a hospital could be up and running in around 6 to 8 weeks. The hospital modules are delivered fully furnished on location after which the medical equipment will be built in on site.

Our design team is ready to meet the necessary standards and take care of a clean cut, highly professional execution. Strong project management is integrated in our working process.