Clean Energy

Today’s world is undergoing unprecedented change, and the need to protect our environment is a global societal concern. One of the most important steps we can take to reduce our environmental impact is to use clean, renewable energy.

Clean energy is defined by NCSEA as energy derived from renewable, zero-emissions sources. Unique Success Corporation collaborates with partners to provide clean energy for industrial and consumer use.

StarCore Nuclear Power

Together with our partners from Global EnviroClean Energy Corporation we are marketing StarCore Nuclear Power in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. StarCore is Safe and Clean Nuclear Power on Demand.


SAFETY StarCore Nuclear produces a proven, IV Generation modular reactor technology that has been judged “inherently safe” by the International Atomic Energy Agency. StarCore’s plants cannot melt down, yet they are not cooled with water. A helium/nitrogen system cools the core. The fissionable material cannot be enriched for use in an explosive device or dirty bomb. These nuclear plants do not require fences or guards.

StarCore plants are hardened for direct hits from aircraft or other weapons and are remotely controlled by a triple layer satellite network through a system that is being used today for deep-space exploration. Local control is also provided.


Each nuclear facility is beautiful, and the surrounding grounds form a park-like setting that is open to the public. Plants do not pollute and pose no radiation hazard.