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USC and medical partners design, build, equip and staff new hospitals. These include medical cities, general hospitals and clinics for countries, cities and other communities. Overall we have more than 25 years of experience in university hospitals, local hospitals andvip settings. And also mother child clinics for the less fortunate. We can be in charge of operations and launch methods and protocols to introduce and maintain the required quality standards. On this we will collaborate closely with the country’s local government and medical organizations. 

“More than 25 years of experience in local hospitals, vip settings and university hospitals.”

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Multi Purpose Vaccine Production Plant (MPVPP)

The highly infectious covid 19 virus has caused a worldwide pandemic. The only real solution is to provide approved vaccines to the population. Several vaccines’ have been successfully developed and approved but the worldwide production capacity is too low to vaccinate populations in the short term. USC and partners are able to develop , build and validate a Multi Purpose Vaccine Production Plant (MPVPP) in 24 months that will make any country independent from outside producers of vaccines.

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