Border Security

National borders are under constant threat. Whether it concerns drug smuggling, illegal immigration or the smuggling of other prohibited items, customs must ensure that these items do not enter the country. USC Netherlands delivers a high tech system, called IGRIS, that can detect any type of contraband and will change the border security game.

What is IGRIS?

Inelastic gamma ray imaging system (IGRIS) is the only system that detects explosives, contraband, and items of interest to customs with a high degree of accuracy in less than 4 seconds. IGRIS technology eliminates possible corruption in the scanning procedure because a computer does the interpretation as opposed to the operator. Furthermore a copy of the results of the scans are sent automatically to the appropriate department. The IGRIS system enhances the security of the country and increases revenue from customs by ending the evasion of duties.

How does it work?

1. Scan

The neutron generators scan everything on atomic level

2. Feedback

The crystals capture information feedback

3. Ratio's

Giving ratio’s: oxygen to carbon and oxygen to nitrogen

4. Identify

IGRIS then uniquely identifies organic materials

5. Data & 3D Pictures

IGRIS then uniquely identifies organic materials

6. Notify

When contraband is identified the IGRIS system immediately notifies appropriate authorities at customs, drug enforcement, intelligence, immigration, etc.

What makes IGRIS better than X-rays?


Dangerous, inaccurate, slow

Containers scanned 7%


Harmless, Flawless, Fast

Containers scanned 100%

Advantages of IGRIS

Stops criminals and terrorists

Reduces dwell time

Safe to use

Delivers as promised

Profitable operation for the government